We walk the line with you and explore opportunities that may reduce costs and provide reduced maintenance in the future, all in an economical time frame. We discuss site conditions, Health and Safety, materials, metering technology, and installation techniques and assess the application to ensure the load required will have the optimal supply. SA Gas will deliver a comprehensive feasibility study with costings to empower your business case. SA Gas minimise your risk and liability exposure.


The GIRS (Lloyds - Gas Industry Registration Scheme) accredited design team and IGEM Engineers deliver compliant gas design and working plans based on your requirements. Full in-house 3d CAD design is available for modelling of agreed design to ensure we meet your specification. These designs detail the exact system that you would have installed and can be laid over your existing site drawings, fully compatible with 2d AutoCAD. The design phase is a critical part of the project lifecycle ensuring compliance with the team regulations we are always striving to shorten lead times to ensure you get your project approved and installed to meet your deadline.


Whether you are a sole trader, SME, corporate, large industrial user or from the public sector you can talk directly to us for your gas metering needs. To ensure ongoing compliance and accurate industry registration we will always work with your energy supplier to gain approval. Additionally – SA Gas have in house fabrication facilities producing standard meter modules and PRS’ as well as specialist modules that can fit almost anywhere to reduce any impacts within your site boundaries. SA Gas design, build, supply, install and commission LP, MP, IP and HP meter modules and pressure regulating systems. Welding to BS 4515 and IGEM UP/2 GRP Gas meter kiosks (enclosures) are designed to include the ventilation requirements to meet with the industry specifications. These can be provided with various different finishes including brick effect to blend into the surroundings.

Installation pipework

Our team of onsite installers will deliver your project utilizing the latest jointing and no dig technologies available – ensuring minimal interruption to your business. SA Gas operates a full project lifecycle management process to ensure you get a hassle free experience throughout.

Full project management

Every project is dealt with in the same way and to the same standards. A dedicated project manager will work with you and deliver the works to programme minimising any site interruptions. We have a vast technical knowledge and fundamental gas industry experience that is used to provide you with all the technical understanding you’ll need during the project life-cycle so that you remain reliably informed throughout.


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