SA Gas boasts some of the highest skilled operatives and installers in the gas industry, with all aspects of the design, fabrication, manufacture and installation handled inside the business.

You will have a dedicated Project Manager who is an engineer by profession to oversee all aspects, from initial design through to install and commission.

Material knowledge for gas pipelines is driven by a number of parameters depending upon the application and pipe run, above or below ground. Whether PE , steel or specialist materials we have the capability to size the pipeline, specify the metering and control equipment and then manufacture (bespoke or standard) and install compliant pipe and metering networks all in-house.

Metering technology is the lifeblood of the wider EA group and this knowledge is key in ensuring the metering and control technologies chosen for your supply matches the needs of the business and is compliant with current legislation, industry regulations and Codes of Practice.

Construction Services

  • Pipework fabrication, all to industry standards
  • Welding of steel pipe up to 7 bar pressure to National Grid Standard T/SP/P/1
  • Welding of steel pipe greater than 7 bar pressure to National Grid Standard T/SP/P/2
  • Pressure Reduction Stations (PRS) & meter modules– manufacture , install, commission and maintenance
  • All pressure tiers handled (LP, MP, IP & HP)
  • Finishing and coating, as appropriate to the location
  • Commissioning, covering non-destructive testing (NDT), pipework pressure testing, cleaning and purging

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