Pharmaceutical Business, London


SA Gas came to the rescue when a pharmaceuticals company suddenly lost gas supply to a facility in London, leaving the business counting the cost of interrupted operations in thousands of pounds every hour.

The site’s above-ground gas installation had shut-down unexpectedly, effectively halting the smelting and recovery of precious metals from electrical components and presenting the company with an urgent need to restore supply.

A call to SA Gas led to an engineer being diverted from a routine project in Hull to the London facility. Working through the night, the engineer managed to restore supply, enabling production to ramp up again within a few hours of remedial work starting.


The ability of SA Gas to respond quickly to a major disruption of gas supply and the expertise of its engineers minimised what could have been a prolonged and highly costly halt in production.

“Thanks again to your engineer for pulling us out of a very tight situation yesterday. I’m really pleased with his work and our senior managers are very grateful. Thanks too for the way in which the rest of your team responded this week - from my first call you all supported us in an extremely professional and supportive manner.”

Pharmaceutical Company, London